Are you a great marriage partner?

This is a list I have heard from a radio program which was actually taken from a book entitled “List To Live By for Every Married Couple” by Alice Gray, Dr. Steven Stephen and John Van Diest.

Note that these words are not the exact words from the authors.

Answer the following questions honestly and work  on making your NO answers to YES if you aspire to become a great marriage partner.  Share the list to your spouse if you desire to make him/her a better partner.


1) Do you kiss your spouse each morning when you wake up and each night before you doze off to sleep?

2)  Do you find ways to express your love?

3)  Do you surprise your spouse with compliments and gifts?

4)  Do you let go of passing instances that could turn into conflicts?

5)  Do you periodically do it his/her way instead of your way?

6) Do you take the time to have a heart-to-heart talk?

7) Do you truly truly listen to your spouse?

8) Do you sometimes say, “I’m Sorry”?

9) Do you allow your spouse to lose it once in a while?

10) Do you pray for each other regularly?

11) Do you show your love even when you don’t feel like it?

12) Do you have eyes only for your partner?

13) Do you share your dreams and how you can make them come true?

14) Do you expect to love and cherish your spouse as long as you live?

15) Do you frequently say “I Love You”?


Work from home – Attempts

When I had to fly home to give birth to Baby Kate, I quit working.  I didn’t know at that time whether or not I would be back after 2 or 3 months.  We decided though, that I take care of our darling daughter myself so, I formally resigned from my post.  I thought I was going back after a year but I didn’t.  I thought I was going back after 2 years, but I didn’t.  The longer I stay at home with my darling daughter, the more I hate the thought of leaving her to the care of someone I do not really know (because we are leaving away from home, away from loved ones).

Since I do not really like the thought of not earning myself, I find ways to still earn while staying at home.  The following are some of the things I did / still do:

1.  join facebook contests – and yes, this could make one earn good – I won gadgets, shopping vouchers, dining/hotel/beauty services vouchers.  But most facebook contests are won by foolishness and cheating.  It’s not a fair game and I later on, get fed up of it.

2.  be a VA (virtual assistant) of someone from another country – i took this job seriously.  i woke up in the middle of the night, in the dawn, etc… whenever my client calls me.  But this ended when my client lost his job.

3. be a facebook fan page administrator – I think this one offers a good-enough pay.  I just have to improve my skills and maybe, I will earn better. Up to this time, I am doing this job.

After a contemplating if I should get back to the corporate world and leave my darling daughter to the care of someone we do not know, I still am not up for the idea.

So, I signed up  online to offer my services to people who are looking for services that I am capable of doing.

I got turned down by some and got interviewed by some.  The few interviews that I have entertained offer low rate, so, I turned them down as well.

But the search is on.  I am confident, I will eventually get a job that would allow me to be with my beloved baby kate.

introducing foods to infants, an art

Kids may not like some fruits and vegetables the first time we introduce it to them but that doesn’t mean, they will never like it at all.

So far, I have introduced instant infant cereal, rice powder, potato, squash, banana and apple to Baby Kate.  She didn’t like potato and squash.  She would spit them up, so she only had these vegetables for a day each.

Majority suggest having a child try a food for a whole week before introducing a new one to immediately discover allergies.  At the realization of Baby Kate disliking a food being introduced though, I’ve decided to move on to the next food immediately the next day. I won’t force her to eat anything she doesn’t like.


So, we tried banana and apple and porridge (boiled water + rice powder).

And then, we tried squash again (porridge + squash).


squash porridge

squash porridge

And yes, she likes it this time!  I am so proud of her.  I will try potato again sometime soon or try another one.  No pressure but no giving up as well!

Ngayong Pasko (This Christmas)

I have heard about the ABS-CBN Station ID weeks ago but have not really watched it until today (from a friend’s blog).


I think the song is well-written and well-sung by Toni G. & Gary V.   Listening to it made me emotional – mixed emotions, more positive than negative.


For the Filipinos out there, especially those who haven’t watched it yet, here it is:


Merry Christmas to everyone!


Baby Kate turned 6 months old

baby kate@6mos

baby kate@6mos

Time flies really fast.  I was aiming to get back to work when Baby Kate turns 6 months old.  But  you see, that didn’t happen (for a lot of reasons I am not discussing in this post).

Baby Kate is now weighing 8.4 kg and is 66 cm tall (or short?).  She’s quite heavy for her age but still within normal range.  I do weight-lifting with her in my arms and we both enjoy this.

She loves the sound of numbers (counting) that she’d stop whatever she’s doing/babbling to listen carefully and smile. She loves listening to me count whenever I weight-lift and she loves us singing “The Little Indian” song.

She’s, so far, a very good girl – rarely cries though very much demanding of attention.  She is not so much into toys that she’d ignore them at the sight of her mommy/daddy.

I love that she now sleeps well at night, from 11pm-6am without disturbing me most of the time.  She only sleeps once during daytime and that’s after taking her breakfast.  In the afternoon, she only takes a nap (usually 30 minutes) and another nap (about 30 minutes) from around 7pm.  After that is the good night sleep (i.e. from 11pm).

She eats just fine.  So far I’ve introduced her to instant cereals, rice powder, banana, potato, squash and apple.  She doesn’t like potato and squash. Last week, I re-introduced squash to her and I’m glad to say that she’s taking it, though not loving it, yet.

She smiles/laughs a lot.  She wakes up smiling to us, though she’d cry if no one is around.  She loves the sight of herself- mirror reflection, photos or videos, though I’m not certain if she knows it’s her she’s seeing.  She stops and listens whenever we play a video of her and then she’d smile like she knows it was her voice that she just heard.

She dances too!  If you so desire, please watch her dance.  It’s only a 30-second video.

She rolls over in both directions, sits almost without support (we’re not yet confident, so), lunges forward/starts crawling (but not yet).

Daddy would tease her by calling her name and hiding to see if she turns in the direction of his voice and she does, while smiling and looking curious where the sound comes from.  She knows the sound of her dad’s voice.

Baby Kate is really well-behaved. She almost doesn’t cry when we’re not home.  When she cries, it’s so easy comforting her and get her smiling again.

Also, she now recognizes faces and  cries when someone she’s not familiar with picks her up.  The crying would stop immediately though at the assurance of her mom/dad that she’s with someone safe.

No teeth yet and no “mama” or “papa” sound yet.  I’m waiting for these.

Baby Kate’s Bravery – two sides of it

Again, Baby Kate stood up for what we thought she is – brave.


We went to visit Baby Kate’s doctor to get her vaccine (6-in-1).  Soon as the needle got into her leg, she cried.  Immediately, I picked her up and told her it was nothing.  She stopped crying just like that (in seconds)!




Doc was impressed and that made me one proud mama!


On the other hand, it’s not at all applause for her high threshold of pain.  A month ago, I mispositioned her in her carrier (like a backpack I use to carry her) and made a scratch on her leg  (and this is not just a simple scratch because until now, it’s still there).  I was so clueless until I undressed her.  She didn’t at all signal that she was hurting.  Months ago too, I think, when she was still 2 months old, I cut her fingernails and overdid it.  She didn’t complain.  I later saw her finger (nail-end) wounded & slightly bloody, thus, the realization. (I know, I should be careful, but that’s not the point.)

leg scratch

leg scratch

So, there…her bravery – it’s both good and bad.

I fear that she will grow up pretending (putting a brave front) she’s okay and I’ll never know she’s feeling unwell (perhaps, bitter, angry, hurt and the like).  I don’t like that!